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Computer Science all Semester Notes

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Bachelor of Computer Science

BSCS-1st Semester

1Intoduction to Computing Download
2Discrete StructureDownload
3Programming Fundamental NotesDownload
4Calculus And Analytical GeometryDownload
5English Composition And ComprehensionDownload
6Islamic StudiesDownload

BSCS-2nd Semester

1Object Oriented Program Download
2Operating SystemDownload
3Linear AlgebraDownload
4Basic ElectronicsDownload
5Pakistan StudiesNot available
6Technical And Business WritingDownload

BSCS-3rd Semester

1Communication SkillsDownload
2Digital Logic Design
3Data Stucture And AlgorithmsDownload
4Financial AccountingNot Available
5Probability And StatisticsDownload
6Web Design And DevelopmentNot Available

BSCS-4th Semester

1Introduction To Software EngineeringDownload
2Multivariate CalculusDownload
3Database SystemDownload
4Financial ManagementDownload
5Computer Organization And ArchitectureDownload
6Object Oriented Programming IIDownload

4 thoughts on “Computer Science all Semester Notes”

  1. hi admin i need computer graphics notes 6 semester could you please add it that i could download it.
    i need it urgent….!!

  2. Hi admin I need finicial accounting and web design and develompoent 3rd semester notes plz add it.,,,,,thanks

    1. we are trying to arrange but some teachers are not cooperating thats why their subjects notes are still not uploaded, as they provide us, we will soon upload it inshallah soon

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