Current Affairs (All About World)

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1.Which country’s President won a second five-year term recently(2018)?

2.Which tennis champion has become the oldest World no. 1 in tennis history?

3.Australia won The Ashes series, 2017-18 by____________?

4.Which country first introduced the world’s first photovoltaic road fitted with solar panels?

5.First which country introduced paper currency?

6.World’s famous bridge “Golden Gate” is in ...

7.The Tallest women born in Pakistan is_________?

8.Which country is called “land of pure people”?

9.Which country will host the 6th edition of ICC Women’s World...

10.What is the theme of World Environment Day 2018______?

11.Which team Won the Recent ICC Under-19 World Cup 2018?

12.Which country has allowed women to open business without any male consent(18-feb-2018)?

13.Name the Pakistani bank that was ordered to shut down its New York oce for repeatedly failing to heed concerns over possible terrorist financing and money laundering?

14.Which city has been crowned the ‘World Book Capital’ for 2019 by UNESCO?

15.Angela Merkel is the chancellor of ___________?

16.Who is the Current Vice President of United States?

17.United States president, Donald Trump, made his first foreign trip to__________?

18.NATO Allies extended Jens Stoltenberg’s term as Secretary General of NATO until late__________?

19.who has been elected as new President of Indian National Congress?

20.Which country recently bans English in primary schools after leaders warning?

21.How many countries vote against Trump’s Jerusalem move in UN General Assembly?

22.Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit on Jerusalem 2017 was held in?

23.First Country to Grant Citizenship to a Robot?

24.Oxford university college removes suu kyi portrait after _________ criticism?

25.Recently United Nations general assembly 2107 session was _____________?

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