Data and Network Security MCQS

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1. A hash function guarantees integrity of a message. It guarantees that message has not be:

2. In Message Confidentiality, transmitted message must make sense to only intended:

3.To check integrity of a message, or document, receiver creates the:

4. A session symmetric key between two parties is used:

5. MAC stands for:

6. Digest created by a hash function is normally called a:

7. A sender must not be able to deny sending a message that was sent, is known as:

8.Message digest needs to be:

9.In Message Integrity, SHA-l hash algorithms create an N-bit message digest out of a message of:

10. In Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF), router receives a packet and extracts the:

11. In Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), criterion of policy is set by:

12. Size and format of physical addresses vary depending on the:

13. Packets of data that is transported by IP is called?

14. Physical layer is responsible for:

15. A 16-bit port address represents?

16. A proxy firewall filters at the:

17. AH Protocol provides source authentication and data integrity, but not:

18. ESP provides:

19. Keyboard and traditional monitors are examples of:

20.Parameter that refers to uneven delay of data packets in delivery is:

21. Combination of two or more networks are called?

22.National Internet Service Provider (ISP) networks are connected to one another by private switching stations called?

23.Encrypted security payload extension header is new in:

24. Data Encryption Standard (DES) was designed by:

25. One of protocols to provide security at application layer is:

26.Call back is?

27.Which OSI layer defines the standards for cabling and connectors?

28.What does LAN stand for?

29.What is a standalone computer?

30.All the following are type of addreses except?

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