Financial Accounting MCQS

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The cost of capital method includes

Which method does not consider the time value of money

Cost of capital is helpful in corporative analysis of various

Which of the following has the highest cost of capital?

The cost of debt capital is calculated on the basis of

A newly established company cannot be successful in obtaining finance by way of

Which of the following statements is incorrect?

Which of the following is a liability?

Which of the following best describes the meaning of ‘Purchases’?

Which of the following is correct?

Net profit is calculated in the:

Gross profit is:

Which of these best describes a balance sheet?

Suppliers’ personal accounts are found in the:

When banking money in to your current account you should always use:

Credit notes issued by us will be entered in our:

Which of the following should be charged in the Profit and Loss Account?

Where there is no partnership agreement then profits and losses:

The following is not a type of liability

The following is also known as External Internal Equity ratio

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