How To Assign IP Address To PC


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Below a method is given showing how to assign IP address to PC

Step #1

Right Click on TV shape or WIFI signals at the bootom (NIC) to assign an IP address to a PC/System

open network and sharing center

Click on Network and sharing center, a new window will appear & after that click on Ethernet or Wireless network connection so a new window will appear in that after that click properties





A new window will appear in that,



Click on Properties and after that a new window will open in that one should select


Select internet Protocol Version (TCP/IPv4) and then press properties a new window will appear


In this new window if one want to assign an IP manually so select the  option Use the following IP address, and after that assign the IP address and subnet mask and default gateway, also if one have configure the DNS so will assign the address of the DNS manually. Otherwise select the second option to obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically if have configured DHCP and DNS.

Then press oK in the end and so this process will assign an IP address to a PC/System.

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