Introduction To Computing MCQS

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RAM stands for

Central Processing Unit (CPU) consists of

Devices which are used to receive data from central processing unit are classified as

Main Store of CPU is also called

Visual display unit is an example of

Keyboard and mouse are

Large computers with wide range of peripheral devices are classified as

Actual equipment of computer system that can be touched are

Two type of memories 'RAM' and 'ROM' are part of

Magnetic tape unit and magnetic disc unit are classic example of

Types of software programs are

System programs which performs one simple task are classified as

In microcomputers, operating system is usually stored on

Device which reads data directly from data entry form is classified as

A very small area of screen is called

Speed of transmitted data is measured by

Translator for low level programming language were termed as

Shell is the exclusive feature of

A program in execution is called

The Operating System is a :

Files are Organized in:

Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ________ transmission

The first Network is:

The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels

In Unix, Which system call creates the new process?

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