Political Science MCQs (General Knowledge)


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Who said that 'democracy is a form of government in which everyone has a share'?

In democracy, sovereignty resides in:

In true democracy interest looked after are those of:

When was the Pakistan Constitution Assembly constituted?

Who was the first Governor-General of Pakistan?

Who was the first President of the Constituent Assembly?

How many members were there in the constituent Assembly when it was set up?

How many members were later added to the Constituent Assembly?

Who was the second Governor General of Pakistan?

The Mount batten or Partition Plan was accepted on:

The First Governor-General of India was:

The First Prime Minister of India was:

The First President of India was:

The Federal Government of the U.S.A. Came into existence on:

The American Declaration of Independence was issued in:

The Supreme Court was created by the original constitution of:

The Constitution of USA came into effective on:

Right to elect and hold elected office is:

Rights can't be claimed against:

The Social Welfare theory of rights is associated with:

French revolution occurred in:

World population was one billion in:

United Arab Emirates is a federation of:

The ICJ is located at:

Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam is written by:

Who said, ” Law is the command of sovereign”?

Islam was declared as the State religion under the which constitution of Pakistan:

Scientific Society was establishe by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in:

The present constituition of Turkey was drafted by;

American ______is known as the Third Chamber:

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