Psychology MCQS

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A personality theory is:

The five factor model of personality includes:

What do psychologist mean by the term Trait Situation Interaction:

According to Behaviorists:

According to Freud the key to mental health is:

Which theory of personality was developed by Sigmund Freud:

If self-esteem is too high the person may be:

Self actualization refers to:

Temperament refers to:

At what age does personality becomes quite stable:

A defining characteristics of traits is that they are:

Branch of psychology which study relationship between physical and psychological phenomenon is called

Cognitive psychology studies man's

Observation or one's own behavior by looking inward is known as method of:

He is known for his research on Intelligence

Educational psychology studies behavior of learner in relation to his/her

In observational method, it is impossible to observe what is happening

Method of right and wrong responses is called

According to behaviorists psychology means

Concept of Reinforcement was introduced by

Inner speech not only helps us solve problems but allows to

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