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A smart plug is a plug socket or an adapter that you can plug into an ordinary home socket. It lets you control your home appliances remotely from your smartphone.
It is also called smart switches or wifi smart socket
It allows you to control electric home appliances from a smart device like a smartphone.
For example:
You can connect a lamp in your living room to your smart plug to control it from everywhere.
The best thing about it is that you can even control your coffee machine from your bed without walking on to it.
It uses mobile application software that lists your selected electronic appliances such as a TV set, a Refrigerator, lamps or any other electronic device allowing you to turn on or off them remotely.


Threshold current: This feature monitors the threshold current in watts. If any device or appliance consumes extra energy as compared to the threshold level current, the user will be informed immediately via the mobile application.

Step Authentication process: To create a more authenticated and secured connection, two-way authentications are used for monitoring and controlling the devices.

Smart Remote Control: All of your home appliances can be controlled remotely no matter where you are.

Push Notifications: With push notification, you are informed about new updates in the software to use the latest features.

Power scheduling: You can set time to switch on or off your appliances when you are away or busy. You can do it with the help of schedule switch on-off system.

Overheat Protection: The app notifies the user as soon as the appliance heats up or is being operated for a long time.

Energy Use Statistics: All the statistics related to the energy consumption are displayed to allow the user to track the electronic appliances.

How does the Mobile Application work?
There are some basic features of the mobile application that are used:

It has two main segments
1.User panel
2.Admin panel.

1.User Panel:

User Login:

Any user can login into the Application with his Google Plus or Facebook account.
They can access all the functionalities and features of the application after he login into the app.

Manage smart plugs:
The user can view a list of all the configured smart plugs and can also configure new smart plugs.

View all the configured plugs: Enter unique ID for each device and the smart plug name.

Smart Plug App Development Configure Smart Plug:
The mobile app and plug are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Tap the smart plug and log in with Wi-Fi credentials (Username & ID).
On successful connection with Wi-Fi, the smart plug will be configured with the application.

Control Configured Smart Plugs:
The user can monitor all the configured smart plugs and turn them On/Off.
You can later schedule date and time.
Share Configuration info with other users Modules.
One user can share configured devices with other users as well (Only with registered app users) but on same applications by entering the Email address and name of that user.

Offline Module:
In Case there is no internet available, the device & mobile app will be able to communicate using Wi-Fi protocol, the device will act as Wi-Fi router there.

2.Admin Panel:

Login Module:
Using this module, Admin will be able to access the Admin Panel using User ID (Email ID) and his Password.


The page will provide the summary detail of each section and also show the link and the number of users navigating the specific module.

Content Manager:

From the content manager, Admin can manage the content of the Static pages such as how it works, Help, Terms & conditions, etc.

Email Templates Manager:

Emails would be sent automatically when a specific event is held like when a new user registers, welcome mail with activation link; forgot password mail for the user registered into the system and welcome email will be sent to the user.

Advantages of Smart Plug:

Smart plug has a lot of advantages in daily life some are as follows:

  •  Execute simply:

The smart plug is a device that is implemented easily, and when we want to start, it will open easily. It will not take more time in execution.

  • Take Multiple Decision:

Smart plug is a device that has a lot of applications to control other appliances. It can take some multiple decisions at the same time allowing us to control more appliances simultaneously.

  • Cost and Time Effective:

Smart plug is more effective than other devices used controlling appliances in home or offices. It takes less time to control an appliance, if we want to turn off an AC but has already left for office so instead of coming back home and turning it off we can easily turn it off using the smart plug easily from office as well.

4. Energy Efficiency: Smart plug is a device that consumes less energy than that of other application or other devices. It is a device that notifies us if the appliances are used more and consuming more energy to turn off the appliance. Like this more energy is saved and not wasted.


1. Cost: Most families are able to purchase smart plug products, but that does not mean it would not leave a dent in your wallet.
You can purchase the product once and it would not seem like too much, $50 here, $300 there, by the time you have the smart plug system making your tasks easy.

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