Sociology MCQs

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Sociology is the study of:

Appearance of Ibn-e-Khaldum was in:

The cultural growth is:

The classic definition of culture is given by anthropologist:

Society refers to the:

Man living a social life has produced:

Culture makes the society to function:

Society is the network of:

Culture and society are:

Poetry is a:

Pakistani culture permits:

The central point of a culture is:

The sub-cultures in Pakistani society include:

The Adolescent Society to Clausen is about:

How many categories are of folkways?

Folkway is an example of:

Family law ordinance was passed for the first time in:

Who has written the book LIVING ISALM :

Social problem means:

Which of the following is not source of social problem?

Point out which one of the following is not source of social problem:

The continent which is gradually increasing in population is:

Density of population is very much related to:

"Population and social system" is the work of:

An indicator of people's attitudes or behavior is called:

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