what is dark web? (Here’s everything you need to know)


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The dark web is a phenomenon which means specifically the collections of websites which exist on an encrypted network.

It cannot be found or visited by using traditional search engines or using traditional browsers.


The dark web is content in all over the world which is contained on darknets, overlay networks which use the internet, but for this, we need specific software, and also an authority to access.

The dark web generates tiny and small parts of the deep web, and sometimes the word “deep web ”is mistakenly used for the dark web.

Dark web is not just the part of the surface web. It is hundred times bigger than the surface web.

Dark web is the place where extremist, can make and spread their ideas, by telling the people to join them by spreading propaganda and plan the attacks.

Example of dark web is www.natall.com etc.

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We have two faces/sides of dark web.

1)Dark side

2)Bright side


The dark side is used for bad things. It is used to smuggle illegal goods and illegal activities such as drugs,

Stolen and fake credit card numbers, human trafficking,

providing Weapons to terrorist and copyright media etc.

The dark web does such illegal works.


On the other side dark web is used for some good and legal activities such as email services, data/file storage etc., chat sites, social media etc.


Sometimes the dark web and deep web may confuse with each other which means to be the part of the web, not the indexes that means it is searchable by the search engines.

This confusion came since the year 2009. But by the passage of time and new advanced technique, the two factors have been conflated especially using reporting on the silk road, which recommended that this two phenomenon should be distinguished from each other.


Internationally darknet market is generally a big platform for illegal business such as the transaction of drugs which is illegal.

It is prohibited by the law, and other illegal goods like illegal copyright media, usually the media coverage significantly starts the popularity through darknet market by silk road and Diabolus markets.

It is really illegal by legal authorities.

We have many other markets such as selling of software exploits.

On the other side, we have a big market for terrorist and extremist which is transactions of weapons to many others people.

We also have many others dark net markets.

HACKING groups AND services.

For the hackers, the dark web is a wide platform, and it provides best services to the hacking field.

By this networks, many of the hackers can deal with their customers such as they can exchange or sells their services to customers.T hey can sell their services by themselves individually and can either be in a group,

While that groups may contain xDedic, they may also have hack forum, also may have made fake forums etc.

For servicing this technique, they will have the Real Deal dark net markets. The dark web is also a very suitable place for offering the financial instruction and banks for the cyber crimes and hacking.


Usually, all the websites of the dark web cannot be used.

But some of these websites are used such as similar service like I2P,

Just like the silk road reloaded but for all the rules and principals remains same. The main difference is the user has to use that command tools as the sites. As for how can I find sites, for using and writing URL and websites.

The dark web also contains and include the silk roads and its offsprings.

So the point is that buying of drugs online is illegal.



Technically the process to get in a dark web is not so difficult but its just same and easy process.

Just you have to install the Tor and use it. We can get the app(Tor) by the website(www.Torproject.org) and download the Tor browser bundle which can be readily usable. While this contains all the required and useful tools. By running the downloaded files, choose an extraction files location, after it, open the selected folder and click start Tor browser.

Which is all set for the process. The difficult process and thing in getting into dark web called “invisible Web”, includes information contained in searchable databases.

This information can only be reached by a direct query or a specialized search engine. Information is contained in dynamic web pages that are generated upon request to a database. It has no persistent or static URL.


When using dark web indexes, such as the complete planet, Lycos or direct search, you are searching through a collection of databases, NOT looking for the specific piece of information.

Each database has its own searchable collection of information. Once you find one you are looking for, you will then conduct another search either that particular database to find the information you want.


Surface web pages are added to search engines in one of two ways: A search engine “spider” or “crawler” will seek out web page documents by going from hyperlink to another and adding each page to its catalogue as it raw along.

This requires each page to have a static or persistent URL. People, not an automated software, collect and index URL’s in the search engine’s catalogue.

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