What is Night Vision Technology?


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Night vision technology allows us to see in the night.  All humans have very very poor night vision as compare to animals.  Normally during a cloudy night, we cannot see a person standing over so far away. It was originally developed for defense during war.
It is used for the military purpose to see the enemy in deep dark and target them easily. The German army gave the idea of night vision in 1935 and from that time it is rapidly developing. They gave the idea and started working on it to cover all battle condition in the night time.
They also develop night vision items in their rifles and other necessary materials of the battlefield. From that time this technology has grown up, all other countries also using this technology and modifying it according to their need.
These all equipment are used in the camera (either alone or in gun front) to hunt at night time and in battle affected areas.

Night vision is made up of advanced technology. With the help of this, everything is visible clearly in front of human eyes same as one can see in full light or daytime. Today also in houses, security and high alert situation this technology is used in vast for safety.


The definition of night vision technology is the detail of its work that how this technology work and what is this in the real world. Everyone defines it in their words of experiences, but in my opinion, It is the ability to see things in night condition. (Whether by biological or technological mean). Night vision is the combination of two approaches.


There are two types of night vision technology:

1) Biological Night Vision

Some animals like a cat and deep sea animal can see in the night because of the tissues present in their eyes called tiputem lucidum. They are present on the back side of the retina. This layer is not present in human eyes. Thus they are not able to see in the night. They need to use some material to see in the night.
RHODOPSIN is a chemical used to see at the night time. With the help of this chemical, a human can see for few hours in dark and deep night. Biological Night vision is God gifted sense in humans and animals. Commonly a person with green eyes can see even in the dark night. These all are the naturally created senses in humans and animal eyes.

2) Technical Night Vision

Technical night vision is working in two different ways.
In this type of vision, many lenses are used to achieve pictures in the night time.
All the material used for this releases specific type of electrons towards the picture intended to be seen. As a result, they capture the same picture and show on the front of human eyes.

Mostly in the war situation the advance developed material for night vision is used to see the enemy easily in the night and dark mountains. With the help of this advanced technology, they hit the enemy on a specific target. The technical vision includes devices in which advance techniques are used to make it possible to see in the night time in deep dark.

Night vision deep dark

Night Vision Devices:

Night vision devices are called observation equipment. They observe and detect the pictures and other things in the dark night. It is also sometimes known as night vision goggles.
The light from night vision excretes and felt in the targeted area; these particles are made up of photons which includes all the colors. Then they are reflected back and entered in the lens and the whole area can be seen in the dark.

It’s the same as we see in the games made in night scenes. There the whole environment is dark but we can clearly see the targeted area of enemies.
All devices which are used in night vision are shown below:



The early generation was established in (1950-1955) which was not in complete vast Form.


In the first generation, tubes were used in the equipment in series. They worked so well and perfect than a 2nd and 3rd generation. But there was one defect is present in this generation that the image is showing clear at the center, but it distort at all its edges.


This generation starts from (1970-1972). A high microchannel plate is used in it. It is also called high electron multiplier. It magnifies the image in the clear form. The magnifier and resolution are manufactured under well-developed technology.
These channels are built from millions of microscopic hollow glass, and each glass is of 0.0125 in diameter. Sensitive lenses are used in it; they detected the images by its sensitive wavelength.


The previous generations are advanced and named as 3rd generation. This advancement took place in (1971-1978). The photocathode rays are used in it as an ion barrier.
Then they detect images from far distances clear in dark night. It is much better than firstly built generations but not perfect because further development takes place fastly in everyday life in the advanced technology world.


The American army made 3rd generation advance the with highly developed photocathode lenses and rays. This development made sure the work of these devices to detect all images in deep dark night clear both at center and all of its edges.
The ion barrier is also removed used in the 3rd generation to finish the background noise.
This generation is used all over the world because it is the most advanced generation till now. Higher magnifying lenses are used in it full of all needed and advanced technology materials.


The main purpose of night vision technology is to detect an enemy target in dark night. Security officers, police officers and also investigating officers use night vision technology broadly as needed. They trace the position of enemy and places in dark night and then act on it.
Application of night vision is as under below:

  • For hunting purposes
  • military purposes
  • security purposes
  • law enforcement
  • entertainment
  • navigation purposes
  • hidden object detection
  • surveillance
  • For wildlife observation
  • for automatic brightness control purposes.

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